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4/29 Report

4/29 Report

Its getting towards the end of April and what are April and may know for? Crazy weather! it seems like every day this month has been WINDY, though annoying, it can set up some amazing fishing opportunities. fishing weed edges In wind blown coves has been a constant pattern all through April and has shown no signs of slowing down. With the grass being as thick as it is, finding a lure that can make it through the grass is important. I have had most of my success on red based lures such as the lucky c-raft 1.5 in the “Red Flake Rayburn Red Craw” color. 

as I mentioned, it has to be able to come to the grass so with the 1.5 only diving 1.5 feet and having the ability to so stay right above that grass it has been deadly. Another go-to is a red lipless crankbait, the advantage of lipless crankbait is your ability to change the depth the bait will run, with every cast. so if the grass is taller in one area than the other you can adjust accordingly, my go-to lipless crankbait is the 1/4 oz booyah “One Knocker” in “Rayburn red”.

As the early morning bite dies off just a few small adjustments will have you right back on the fish. utilizing your side scan, find the edge of the grass line and start throwing more finesse baits, as the fish slow down it’s crucial you do as well. my go-to is the drop shot, rigged with an 8-12 inch leader between hook and weight. with an 8th ounce weight and a size one Gamakatsu wide gap hook paired with a Robo worm in “Bold Bluegill” or “Mean Green”

Other finesse baits that work such as a Texas rig or shakey head but the drop shot is by far my go-to. overall the bite on Decker lake has been amazing! averaging 25-30 fish in the boat per trip! To get in on the action firsthand, book a trip today!

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